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  • NY+Harlem Railroad

    NY+Harlem Railroad

    The railroad that would head up 4th Avenue – Park Avenue – and eventually become Metro-North, started off at the New York and Harlem Railroad. Looking at the image below of the depot at Park and 26th Street, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is an image of a western frontier town. You almost expect…

  • Mount Morris Park 1848

    Mount Morris Park 1848

    A fascinating map of Mount Morris Park from 1848 is up for sale for $3,400: https://www.raremaps.com/gallery/detail/61038/mount-morris-park-central-harlem-map-of-property-belong-nicholson This map shows land owned by Samson Adolphus Benson, which extends north of Harlem creek, and south of Kingsbridge Road (all of the detailed blocks on the map are part of this Benson portfolio. In addition to showing the…

  • Cast in India

    Cast in India

    Manhole covers for New York are often labeled as Made In India, creating discordance for anyone looking down and reading. Few who read the words realize that these manhole covers are hand made artifacts, produced in brutal conditions in small factories in India. The film Cast in India is a fascinating exploration of the process…

  • Election Dates Published

    Election Dates Published

    The voting dates are out!  The New York Primary election date is June 27.  Early Voting starts June 17 and the deadline to request an absentee ballot is June 12.   Remember to ask your neighbors when you see them and chat, if they’re going to come out to vote, and make a plan to coordinate. Talk to them about…

  • Meet The New Commanding Officer

    Meet The New Commanding Officer

    Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 15th, at 6 PM the new Commanding Officer (C.O. Maisonet) of the 25th Precinct will host his first community meeting. Here is your opportunity for him to hear from YOU, rather than just the electeds and their staffers, on what the real issues in our community are. You know how powerful first impressions are. …

  • A.B.C. School Armors-Up

    A.B.C. School Armors-Up

    One of the most blatant examples of recent decisions that bolstered the structural racism our community struggles with, was to locate the nation’s first supervised consumption site across the street from a Harlem Pre-K. By not engaging with the community (who would have emphatically asked OnPoint and NYC’s Department of Health not to locate an…

  • Strange Victory

    Strange Victory

    In 1948, Leo Hurwitz released a stunningly powerful film that examined the promises made to Black Americans and American servicemen in particular and contrasted that with their experience in this country after helping to secure victory over Japan and Nazi Germany. The film, which is considered one of the best documentaries of the 20th century,…

  • What’s That Tree

    What’s That Tree

    Ever wondered what that tree is in front of your apartment? NYC’s Department of Parks has a new, interactive map of NYC’s trees, and you can explore the arboreal side of your neighborhood. The color coding of dots (trees) above, show different varieties. You can, of course, zoom in more and even select on the…

  • New City Council Boundaries

    New City Council Boundaries

    Community Council Districts 7, 8, and 9 have slightly altered boundaries. Here are the new lines for Community Council Districts 7 and 9: And (below) are the new boundaries of Community Council District 8: For the full map of Manhattan, see: https://www.nyc.gov/assets/districting/downloads/pdf/20221006-Final-Plan-Manhattan-Districts-c.pdf As Seen In Harlem As seen in Harlem, on West 117th Street.

  • Mart 125

    Mart 125

    Harlem’s Mart 125: the American Dream is a documentary film about the history of Mart 125 on 125th Street and how it has served as a physical and imagined embodiment of Black commerce in the face of commercial, cultural, and political change in the heart of Harlem. View the video with the link, below: https://youtu.be/QTawVjvLjyk…

  • The Heat Wave

    The Heat Wave

    Another Ebay photo of a Harlem nightclub’s interior from June, 1945. This one was called The Heat Wave, and was located on 145th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues. The Heat Wave was located at 266 West 145th Street. The club was active in the 1930s and 1940s under the direction of Louis Metcalf, who…

  • Blank Check

    Blank Check

    While the phrase ‘blank check’ may live on, increasing numbers of young people have very little experience with physical checks. When I saw this pristine blank check from the Harlem and Spuyten Duyvil Navigation Co. for sale on Ebay, I was taken by the partially prefilled-out date: “187_” The image on the left-hand side of…