Cast in India

Manhole covers for New York are often labeled as Made In India, creating discordance for anyone looking down and reading.

Few who read the words realize that these manhole covers are hand made artifacts, produced in brutal conditions in small factories in India. The film Cast in India is a fascinating exploration of the process of fabrication:

Watch the whole film, here:

Older manhole covers, of course, are more likely to be American made, or even made here in New York. My favorite is Manhattan Born:

But the oldest one that I know of is in Jefferson Park and was part of the original water supply project of the Croton Aqueduct.


Sometimes you see the weirdest things, Googling “Harlem”.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Harlem!

The Shamrock and Roll festival and golf cart parade will take place in Harlem on Saturday, March 18. (Photo courtesy of Tara McNaylor)