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  • Ski Harlem

    Ski Harlem

    No, not that kind of skiing, the kind with wheels: Ski Harlem’s mission it is to teach Americans how exciting and fun Roller Skiing can be. The hills of Harlem are the pinnacle of what Manhattan Island has on offer for Roller Skiers. This is not pan flat boring terrain. This is up and down slopes…

  • FDR Opens The Triborough 87 Years Ago And Notes His Family’s Roots In Harlem

    FDR Opens The Triborough 87 Years Ago And Notes His Family’s Roots In Harlem

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke 87 years ago at the Dedication of the Triborough Bridge noting his Harlem roots: `MANY of you who are here today, old people like myself, can remember that, when we were boys and girls, the greater part of what is now the Boroughs of the Bronx and Queens was cultivated…

  • Job Opening and Message from CB10

    Job Opening and Message from CB10

    August 25, 2023 Dear Harlem Community,I hope this message finds you well. It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I share a significant development within Manhattan Community Board 10. We are excited to announce that we are actively searching for a District Manager to join our team, and the official job posting is now…

  • Mount Sinai’s New 124th Street Facility Opening

    Mount Sinai’s New 124th Street Facility Opening

    Mount Sinai will soon open the newly constructed $80 million Mount Sinai Harlem Health Center, located at 158 West 124th Street, NY, NY. This new, state-of-art location will bring services closer to where our patients live and work while also continuing to provide the highest quality healthcare services in a holistic and convenient manner. Clinical…

  • Uptown, 1842

    Uptown, 1842

    In 1842, Manhattan (of course) showed settlement down at the tip of the island, and in a few locations northward. In this view, Harlem is the densest settlement north of 59th Street: Note how West Harlem (Manhattanville, mostly) and East Harlem (then known as just Harlem). were settled, whereas what we call Central Harlem was…

  • (Un)Common Stock

    (Un)Common Stock

    This rather dull piece of Harlem ephemera – a 5 shares worth of stock in the Harlem Stock Exchange – doesn’t on it’s surface have much going for it. Almost the only thing of interest here is that of the $100,000 total amount of stock, a certain Julius D. Westmoreland owned 5 shares. And this…

  • Lost Church – Part 2

    Lost Church – Part 2

    A month or two ago I’d mentioned that The Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital, just east of Marcus Garvey Park (between 122nd and 121st Streets and Madison and Park Avenues) replaced a Harlem church (outlined in green below) The fuzzy photo (below) showed the rock rubble in Marcus Garvey park before the depression era work…

  • Merch


    Brickmania has Harlem Hellfighter figures for sale. See this listing on Ebay. As Seen In Harlem

  • HNBA Meeting (Zoom) on April 11, 7:00 PM

    HNBA Meeting (Zoom) on April 11, 7:00 PM

    Hello Harlem Neighbors and Hello Spring! We’re looking forward to seeing you on ZOOM on Tuesday (April 11th) at 7:00 PM for our April HNBA community meeting. We’ve got two very interesting speakers on tap this month.  First up will be Emily Chingay from Open Plans, a group that would like to help Harlem neighbors have…

  • Lenox and 116th Street

    Lenox and 116th Street

    A few images from the intersection of Lenox and 116th Street. The first (above) shows the south facing view today. Below shows the same view from 1901 and the construction of what is now the 2/3 subway line: Looking northward, today’s view shows a building the is now a charter school on the north-west corner:…

  • Top 10 Lists From ChatGPT

    Top 10 Lists From ChatGPT

    We’ve all seen those annoying websites with pop-up ads as we travel around the web that feature “Top 7 ways to…” Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being employed by these click-bait sites in order to create ‘content’ and drive up their ad revenue. Here is an example of the content that was generated titled: And…

  • Harlem Protest and Jet Magazine – 1963

    Harlem Protest and Jet Magazine – 1963

    In 1963 Jet Magazine ran with a story on a 2 month protest of wigs. This Harlem protest was organized by the Committee for Racial Pride. As Seen In Harlem On 3rd Avenue at 121st Street, a residential building rises.