Election Dates Published

The voting dates are out! 

The New York Primary election date is June 27.  Early Voting starts June 17 and the deadline to request an absentee ballot is June 12.  

Remember to ask your neighbors when you see them and chat, if they’re going to come out to vote, and make a plan to coordinate. Talk to them about the issues. Let’s get activated. Let’s vote!

Another important way to drive change in Harlem is to Join The County Committee, which gives you access to elected officials and allows you to select the Democratic Party nominee for Harlem when there is a special election – which happens when an official vacates their seats before their term ends.  

Each year, many seats are unfilled and so we need your civic engagement to help Harlem. Any registered Democrat who resides in Central or East Harlem can apply. To apply, please fill out this form this week. 

Little work is involved in joining the county committee but you can make big impact. To join, collect 30+ signatures from your neighbors who are registered Democrats. After you joined, you have no obligation to do anything except you have the OPTION to join events and vote. To find out more, you can view this webpage

Have more questions? Email [email protected] or contact District Leaders William Smith and Sharase Du Bois.

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