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  • Blues Singer

    Blues Singer

    This photo from 1958 of “Sticks McGhee” ( a Blues Guitarist) was only described as being taken in Harlem NYC: What struck me was that the foreground figure had space. Space between the building where the photographer was, and the subject. Most Harlem streets have stoop stairs ending right at the property line, with no…

  • Vote Tomorrow and Change Harlem!

    Vote Tomorrow and Change Harlem!

    Tomorrow is your chance to change the direction of Harlem. Have things gotten better over the last two years? If not, here’s you’re chance to raise your voice for change! Harlem Records See See Rider And while this isn’t the song on the record pictured above, it’s wonderful song by Bea Booze who was born…

  • Elks Lounge

    Elks Lounge

    A series of images for sale on Ebay from June 1945 and a Harlem Blues nightclub named: Elks Rendezvous. The club was located at 133 and Lenox Ave, and featured distinctive ‘target’ tables. The Smithsonian’s collection in Washington DC includes a table knocker from the Elks Rendezvous in the Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum…