Blues Singer

This photo from 1958 of “Sticks McGhee” ( a Blues Guitarist) was only described as being taken in Harlem NYC:

What struck me was that the foreground figure had space. Space between the building where the photographer was, and the subject. Most Harlem streets have stoop stairs ending right at the property line, with no room for the foreground you see in the photo, let alone space for the photographer himself.

With that, the architecture across the street also appeared to be a distinctive clue as to where the photo was taken. Note how the details on the pedaments between the doorways have been ‘shaved’ of detail:

Also note the “4…” on one building and the possible “3” to the right:

The sun, bright and shining on the background, also suggests that the photo was taken looking north, on a Harlem street.

All of these clues added up to Astor Row – West 130th Street. And after some looking around, the location appears to be 39-41 West 130th Street.

Note how the pediments were shaved of detail:

The doors have both been replaced, and the banister on the right has been removed, but the photo was taken across the street, looking towards numbers 39 and 41 on West 130th Street.

Taco Mix

Eater noted that East Harlem’s Taco Mix is one of the best place in New York City to get amazing tacos:

Make sure to head over to East 116th Street between 3rd and 2nd Ave. to check them out.