Elks Lounge

A series of images for sale on Ebay from June 1945 and a Harlem Blues nightclub named: Elks Rendezvous.

The club was located at 133 and Lenox Ave, and featured distinctive ‘target’ tables.

The Smithsonian’s collection in Washington DC includes a table knocker from the Elks Rendezvous in the Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Vicki Gold Levi

An Elk’s Rendezvous cabaret table knocker in the shape of a small mallet. The head is a small wooden cylinder with several incised lines running around the circumference. The head is painted red. The handle, a simple straight stick, has the words “Elks Rendezvous / Harlem’s Foremost Cabaret / 133rd St. & Lenox Ave. NYC / 3 Shows Nightly AU -8111” is stamped lengthways along it. Stamped on either side of the text is a geometric pattern in orange ink.

The Marathon!

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