Ski Harlem

No, not that kind of skiing, the kind with wheels:

Ski Harlem’s mission it is to teach Americans how exciting and fun Roller Skiing can be. The hills of Harlem are the pinnacle of what Manhattan Island has on offer for Roller Skiers. This is not pan flat boring terrain. This is up and down slopes that will feel you with a maximum athletic sense of accomplishment like no other endurance sport.


We begin safely and on grass with Nordic walking and bounding. From there we move on to pan flat play grounds and a variety of beginner choices technically. Nothing will ever seem mysterious nor hard to understand. No part of our training is ever calculated risk. We progress in skill set at strength in baby steps.  Our aim is to teach you to ski the hills of Harlem, the skiing capital of USA!

We are coaches Enrique Cubillo and Dan Bowen.

And for kids, Ski Harlem has an afterschool program:

After School Skiing is fun and challenging. This is how we go about it.

The mission of After School Skiing is to provide programs which enable urban youth to achieve proficiency in roller skiing technique while developing positive and progressive character habits. Understanding the concepts of life long transport sports are stressed via the slow and safe adaptation to load and skill sets.

We recreate, we commute. We make the planet proud. These are our mantras. We become our own epic and we never imagine that winning a ski race is ever going to save the planet. We save the planet by first understanding how to become the motor ourselves and dedicate to a lifestyle focusing our leisure time spent socializing and practicing roller ski and all the transport sports above conspicuous consumption in a more sustainable social design.

The continued development and improvement of all our athletes through commitment and challenge is how we approach everything we do.

By fostering an environment of mutual respect and integrity our goal is to help create a social design where by the love of roller skiing takes hold thoroughly enough so our students can speak the kinetics of skiing on wheels or snow well into college and through out their adult lives no matter where they reside longitudinally on the planet. Snow or wheels they will be happy skiing for may years.

We see only cross country skiing kinetics. We do not differentiate between wheels or snow. Great roller skiers make amazing snow skiers. Snow skiing takes care of itself when the opportunity arrises.

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