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  • Revisiting The 2020 Black Lives Matter Mural

    Revisiting The 2020 Black Lives Matter Mural

    The Next 60 Years for Sylvia’s Restaurant Sylvia’s Restaurant, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in August 2022, is a testament to the values instilled by the founder and matriarch, Sylvia Woods. She cultivated a strong community around her soul food restaurant in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood that has continued to thrive, even after her…

  • 7th Avenue

    7th Avenue

    Ephemeral New York highlighted a postcard recently that featured a broad, earthen boulevard, stately apartment buildings, and horses and carriages. The postcard clearly states it was taken on 7th Avenue, but where? Ephemeral New York suggested that the regularity of buildings on view would suggest it’s uptown, in Harlem. Taking a careful look at the…

  • Harlem’s Museum of Civil Rights

    Harlem’s Museum of Civil Rights

    The National Urban League has chosen Jennifer Scott to be the founding executive director and lead curator of The Urban Civil Rights Museum being built on West 125th Street between ACP and Lenox. The new museum will center the Urban League’s Empowerment Center in Harlem and house the NUL’s headquarters along with 170 units of…

  • A Postcard of Graham Court

    A Postcard of Graham Court

    Graham Court Apartments were built on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd between 116th and 117th Streets. One of the Astors (think Astor Row on 130th Street and Astoria and Astor Place…) built the complex in 1901 using the architectural firm Clinton and Russell, The complex has a gracious entrance and courtyard and is 8 stories…

  • Fashion on ACP

    Fashion on ACP

    Edwing D’Angelo’s atelier on Adam Clayton Powell is unlike any other storefront in Harlem. His custom-made clothing (one of a kind and made for you and your event) is complemented by ready-to-wear items showing in his windows.

  • Mosaics


    When you think of mosaics and ecclesiastical architecture, Harlem does not come to mind. However, the Shiloh Baptist Church at 131st and Adam Clayton Powell has a remarkable, 3 story high external mosaic on its facade. Note the hair styles of the people looking up to the central cross. And those turned away in shame:…

  • Pet Friendly?

    Pet Friendly?

    Localize looked at the data for pet friendly rental listings and came up with this: Top pet-friendly Manhattan neighborhoods Morningside Heights: 98% Upper West Side: 84% Greenwich Village: 83% Washington Heights: 80% East Harlem: 79% While New Yorkers love their pets, many property managers don’t share the sentiment. The following neighborhoods are more challenging to…