A Postcard of Graham Court

Graham Court Apartments were built on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd between 116th and 117th Streets. One of the Astors (think Astor Row on 130th Street and Astoria and Astor Place…) built the complex in 1901 using the architectural firm Clinton and Russell,

The complex has a gracious entrance and courtyard and is 8 stories tall. the building is landmarked, and thus extensive work over the last few years has all had to be done under the eye of the landmarks commission.

Pan Fried Chicken

Eater has a great article on restauranteur Charles Gabriel who has been cooking in Harlem for decades, beginning with Copeland’s, but now is opening a number of pan fried chicken restaurants.

Gabriel worked at the Copeland’s (a neighborhood soul food spot) for 22 years — first as a dish washer, then as a cook — before setting off on his own. He sold hot dogs and barbecue from a folding table along Amsterdam Avenue, then opened a food truck and a series of storefronts of varying names: Charles’ Mobile Soul Food Truck, Charles’ Country Pan-Fried Chicken, and Charles’ Southern Style Kitchen.

Now Charles Pan-Fried Chicken gets its turn, a small takeout and delivery restaurant with enough standing room for a dozen or so people to yell for trays of barbecued ribs or smothered turkey wings.

Slobert is partially to credit for the change in direction. The hospitality veteran, who grew up going to Copeland’s while Gabriel was a chef there, is the restaurant’s chief operating officer, an odd title for a two-location, family-run business, but one that reflects his dreams of national expansion. “Originally we were supposed to do one restaurant,” Slobert says, but plans changed after takeout started to take off at Charles Pan-Fried Chicken during the pandemic. “I thought, ‘Why not take over the world?’”

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