7th Avenue

Ephemeral New York highlighted a postcard recently that featured a broad, earthen boulevard, stately apartment buildings, and horses and carriages.

The postcard clearly states it was taken on 7th Avenue, but where? Ephemeral New York suggested that the regularity of buildings on view would suggest it’s uptown, in Harlem.

Taking a careful look at the colored image, you can see a commercial space on a corner, with a neighboring building that has a distinctive ground floor with segmented masonry details (note the onlookers, observing the horses and carriages):

Further on, into the distance, you can see a red bricked building with a limestone 1st floor and protruding cornices at the top. Note the two windows from the corner, then an open courtyard, then 4 windows, then another courtyard.

Using Google Streetview, the location becomes clear. The commercial building in the postcard that seems to spell out …65LOW… ? Is on the corner of ACP and West 112 Street, and now houses the New Ebony Motel:

Note how a former entrance has been blocked.

And the distinctive red brick and limestone buildings north of the New Ebony Hotel are clearly still around:

As Seen In Harlem