Cordell Cleare Nominated

Results of the 30th Senate District Committee Meeting

In order to select a Democratic Nominee for the Special Election to be held on November 2, 2021, the 30th Senate District Committee held a meeting on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at the Robert F. Smith Theater in Denny Farrell Riverbank State Park.

The 30th Senate District Committee nominated Cordell Cleare as their Democratic Nominee for the New York State Senate. After three rounds of voting by the hundreds of County Committee Members who attended the meeting, Cordell Cleare achieved 57.4% of the vote to Athena Moore’s 42.6%.

Ecclesiastical Metalwork on West 129th Street

Restaurant Week in Harlem

Uptown Grand Central has a fantastic list of local restaurants to check out during Restaurant Week.

This summer’s NYC Restaurant Week marks its longest run ever (five weeks!), with more than 500 restaurants in 75 neighborhoods to choose from. For the second time ever, a significant number of Harlem restaurants are participating.

Check out Uptown Grand Central’s amazing businesses and the work they do here: and then check out these 30+ eateries to explore:


  1. Amuse Bouche Bistro
  2. Au Jus Oklahoma BBQ
  3. La Avenida
  4. Dear Mama (East Harlem)
  5. East Harlem Bottling Co.
  6. El Paso Restaurante
  7. Jaguar
  8. Malii Thai Kitchen
  9. Nocciola
  10. Pro Thai
  11. Sisters Caribbean Cuisine


  1. 67 Orange Street
  2. Angel of Harlem
  3. Archer & Goat
  4. Bixi
  5. Chocolat
  6. Fieldtrip
  7. Harlem Shake
  8. Lido
  9. LoLo’s Seafood Shack
  10. Red Rooster
  11. Safari
  12. Settepani
  13. Silvana
  14. Sylvia’s Restaurant
  15. Vinateria
  16. Yatenga French Bistro


  1. Bono Trattoria
  2. Dear Mama (Manhattanville)
  3. Lyn-Genet’s Kitchen
  4. Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too
  5. Rai Rai Ken
  6. Tsion Cafe


  1. Boogie Down Grind
  2. Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen

The specials run from Monday, July 19, to Sunday, August 22. Lunch and dinner options (entrée + one side) are priced at $21 or $39, with options ranging from indoor and outdoor dining, to takeout and delivery.

At restaurants that accept Mastercard, you can also get $10 back (up to $50 total) on each single transaction of $39 or more, when dining on-site and paying with a registered Mastercard. Cardholders can register here.

Sunflowers in East Harlem

Checkout Lydia’s Magic Garden on Park Ave., between 117/118 (east side) where amazing sunflowers are brightening East Harlem.

To learn more about the garden, see:

Dorrance Brooks

Private First Class Dorrance Brooks – World War I Hero & Beloved Son of Harlem

As president of the Dorrance Brooks Square Property Owners and Residents Association, I am proud to announce that our application submitted in December 2019 to the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission has been calendared for consideration by LPC on February 1st, 2021. Private First Class Dorrance Brooks (d. 1918), was an African American soldier who died in France shortly before the end of World War I. A native of Harlem and the son of a Civil War veteran, Brooks was a Private First Class in the 15th Infantry/369th Infantry Regiment. 

In World War I, African-American soldiers served in segregated regiments and were not eligible for aid from the Army Nurse Corps or the American Red Cross. In spite of these discouragements, Brooks distinguished himself as a faithful and patriotic soldier. Brooks was praised for his “signal bravery” in leading the remnants of his company after his superior officers were killed.

Dorrance Brooks Square was dedicated on June 14, 1925 and was the first park in New York City to be named after an African-American. If approved by the NYC LPC, this will be the first historic district in New York City to be named after an African-American.

Dr. Keith Taylor

President, DBPORA

New Community Board Members Wanted!

Community Boards in East Harlem (#11) and Central Harlem (#10) now welcome new members. Deadline to apply is Feb 15. Elected officials themselves or their aides join the meetings of community boards, thus it is one of the easiest way to voice your concerns to NYC elected officials. Though it does not have voting power, the community board also advises city officials on land use applications (e.g. rezoning issues) and budget allocation.

Community Board is a good platform for policy advocacy and to build a network in the neighborhood. For example, CB7 in Upper West Side played an instrumental role in pushing back 1 of the 60 temporary homeless shelter. See article here: news 1, news 2.

The flip side is that this work takes time, which would be about 6-8 hours a month. If you have questions about the time commitment and responsibilities.. etc, feel free to text me to find a time to talk at 415 215 2035..

HNBA (Zoom) Holiday Party! Tuesday, Dec. 8th

We’ll all readily admit that it won’t be the same, but we’re going to try anyway. Now that the turkey leftovers are gone, let’s usher in the holiday season with a Zoom HNBA Party on Tuesday, December 8th at 7:00 PM.

Subscribe to this blog: to get the Zoom link (we’ll have it for you in the next week or so), and we’ll toast the end of 2020 and (hopefully) light at the end of the tunnel in 2021.

Legal Drug Sales

Given the recent NY Times Article on how Perdue Pharma internally strategized ways to profit through addicting clients to their OxyCodone drug, it is worth looking at the data for Manhattan that came out of the ‘discovery’ on the recent lawsuit.

Last year I assembled the data for Manhattan (or New York County – the smallest geography that the data breaks down by is by county) and wanted to include it here to give you a sense of how OxyCodone and Methadone parallel one another and are the most commonly prescribed drugs on our island.

Vote For Her

If you haven’t seen this ad, it’s the must-see of 2020.

I have to confess, I was weeping at the end.

Walking to Morocco

It’s hard to imagine, but 240 million years ago, were you in what would become Harlem, you could walk eastward and arrive in Western Sahara or Morocco. We all know, of course, how neatly North and South America nested with Europe and Africa, but still, the idea of Harlem and Casablanca being neighbors, is amazing.

Note how there is no Rocky Mountain range yet, and the Appalachian mountians were very prominent and spread down into South America.

By 200 million years ago, water began to invade the early split between North American and Europe/Africa.

And by 150 million years ago, what would become Morocco had split irrevocably from Harlem.

To see the map:

Park Rangers will Resume Tours of the Historic Harlem Fire Watchtower

Park Rangers will resume tours of the historic Harlem Fire Watchtower on Sunday, September 27, 2020 from 2:00 to 3:30 pm.

Read NYC Parks Department info, background on the restoration of the watchtower, and info on limited attendance for this outdoor event.