Do You Want a Cleaner, Safer Block?

Please see the new program spearheaded by Mayor Eric Adam’s Office of Community Affairs. If your block/immediate area is experiencing issues (spanning across 3-blocks or more) with concerning conditions, such as drug dealing in the immediate area, ongoing sanitation and cleanliness issues, noise pollution, and roadway and sidewalk quality concerns, PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM TO EXPRESS INTEREST IN THE PROGRAM:

Mayoral Program: Neighborhood Support Teams (NTS)

In accordance with Local Law 102, The Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit is calling upon communities to submit information that will inform the process of creating Neighborhood Support Teams. Please complete the ‘Request for Expressions of Interest Form’, which is meant to get feedback from community stakeholders to better understand the issues impacting neighborhoods and residents. Once neighborhood support teams are established, they will work across agencies, utilizing the feedback from the local communities, to address the issues impacting the area over the course of one year.

Local Law 102 requires the city to develop a list of no fewer than three (3) geographic areas that would benefit from interagency collaboration in addressing issues such as sanitation services, transportation, social service needs, public health issues, and public safety concerns. Including concerns about graffiti, road and sidewalk quality, street cleanliness, noise pollution, public space issues, and equal access to city services or community centers. Support teams will work within existing city resources to address quality-of-life issues in select geographic areas. 

We want to make sure you have the opportunity to provide concerns for your area!

The deadline for submitting the ‘Request for Expressions of Interest Form’ is April 4, 2014.

Click HERE to request help for your block!


A novel from 1950 – Taffy:

The intersection shown on the cover is 131st and Lenox Ave., and most of the Harlem-centered part of the story focuses on 133rd between Lenox and 5th. This block and neighboring blocks were, of course, partly merged into a superblock and developed as Lenox Terrace: