Look Down!

NYC’s Department of Parks is slowly marking out spots for more trees. If you see a white rectangle spray painted on the sidewalk where a tree might go (the former site of a tree in this photo is a giveaway), it’s likely a location for a new planting:

Note how the rectangle indicates that the contractor will have to cut the opening in the sidewalk bigger (to allow the tree to soak up more water).

The IP tag indicates the type of tree to be planted.

The green sticker is your notification:

The Park Avenue Viaduct Replacement is Well Underway

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority progressing in Phase 1 of a massive $590 million initiative to restore the historic Park Avenue Viaduct, which has stood for over 130 years. The project promises safety and a significant improvement in resilient service for Metro-North trains.

“To say that this viaduct is critical to MTA Metro North service coming into the city is an understatement,” said Jamie Torres-Springer, the MTA construction & development president.”

The viaduct has long been a vital artery for the city’s transportation system, carrying about 98% of Metro North trains along Park Avenue, serving approximately 750 trains per day. Nearly half of the structure was built back in 1893. Due to its age, Torres-Springer says significant portions of the viaduct have deteriorated over the years.

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