Join County Committee

Hello Harlem Neighbors, the deadline for getting on the Harlem Democratic County Committee is fast approaching.

Learn more, HERE

One of the main reasons why County Committee is such a vital position to get on (it only takes 25 signatures from your neighbors) is that County Committee often chooses who our elected officials are:

Why you should run for County Committee?
Have a Big Impact for Very Little Work

Over the years, many Harlem officials owe their careers to Harlem’s county committee. When there is a Special Election, when the incumbent officials vacate a seat before their term ends, the county committee is the body that elects Democratic Party Nominees. Over the years, the Harlem’s county committee voted in Brian Benjamin, Cordell Cleare, Bill Perkins and Eddie Gibbs, and as often happens in Harlem, the Democratic nominee wins the Special Election open to the public easily.

And, in 2023, if Inez Dickens wins Harlem’s City Council seat, her vacated New York State Assembly will be decided by county committee members.

County Committee seats are likely to really matter this year. Running for County Committee (with just 25 signatures) can change the direction of Harlem.

There are just a few days left to fill these seats.  To get started, or just learn more, fill out this form:


State Committeewoman Tamika Mapp writes:

As a member of the community, your input is valuable to us. We encourage you to testify and share your experiences, concerns, and ideas regarding this issue. Your testimony will help us better understand the impact of open-air drug use on the community and inform our decision-making process.

You can testify in-person, zoom or by phone

Signup to testify: for both dates

March 20th: Public Safety

March 21st: Committee on Health (joint with Mental Health, Disabilities and Addiction)

An Alley In San Francisco

An alley in San Francisco named Harlem:

Mount Morris Park 1848

A fascinating map of Mount Morris Park from 1848 is up for sale for $3,400:

This map shows land owned by Samson Adolphus Benson, which extends north of Harlem creek, and south of Kingsbridge Road (all of the detailed blocks on the map are part of this Benson portfolio.

In addition to showing the land that Benson owned and was now selling, the map also shows us 3 Dutch colonial-era roads that are no longer in existence (wiped out by the commissioner’s grid of streets and avenues that we all experience today).

Harlem Lane:

Kingsbridge Road:

and Manhattan Road:

And, of course, Harlem Creek is now long buried and built over:

Lastly, the map indicates what may be build on given lots, and where sales of the properties were conducted:

A Gorgeous Door – Carver Bank on 125th Street

Cast in India

Manhole covers for New York are often labeled as Made In India, creating discordance for anyone looking down and reading.

Few who read the words realize that these manhole covers are hand made artifacts, produced in brutal conditions in small factories in India. The film Cast in India is a fascinating exploration of the process of fabrication:

Watch the whole film, here:

Older manhole covers, of course, are more likely to be American made, or even made here in New York. My favorite is Manhattan Born:

But the oldest one that I know of is in Jefferson Park and was part of the original water supply project of the Croton Aqueduct.


Sometimes you see the weirdest things, Googling “Harlem”.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Harlem!

The Shamrock and Roll festival and golf cart parade will take place in Harlem on Saturday, March 18. (Photo courtesy of Tara McNaylor)

Election Dates Published

The voting dates are out! 

The New York Primary election date is June 27.  Early Voting starts June 17 and the deadline to request an absentee ballot is June 12.  

Remember to ask your neighbors when you see them and chat, if they’re going to come out to vote, and make a plan to coordinate. Talk to them about the issues. Let’s get activated. Let’s vote!

Another important way to drive change in Harlem is to Join The County Committee, which gives you access to elected officials and allows you to select the Democratic Party nominee for Harlem when there is a special election – which happens when an official vacates their seats before their term ends.  

Each year, many seats are unfilled and so we need your civic engagement to help Harlem. Any registered Democrat who resides in Central or East Harlem can apply. To apply, please fill out this form this week. 

Little work is involved in joining the county committee but you can make big impact. To join, collect 30+ signatures from your neighbors who are registered Democrats. After you joined, you have no obligation to do anything except you have the OPTION to join events and vote. To find out more, you can view this webpage

Have more questions? Email [email protected] or contact District Leaders William Smith and Sharase Du Bois.

As Seen In Harlem

Near Tiano Towers

Juneteenth March/Run/Walk/Roll

Engineering the Next Generation: Students Wanted

Sector Charlie – Build the Block

Residents & Business Owners of Sector Charlie! Join Neighborhood Coordination Officers Lau & Hackeling for their Build the Block on Mar. 16 at 5pm, @ 85 East 125 Street. Not sure this is your sector? Visit & type in your address to find out.

Set Out Times

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

As part of our commitment to keeping our streets clean, the NYC Department of Sanitation is implementing:

  • A new rule to reduce the time that trash, recycling, and curbside composting will sit on sidewalks. The new rule goes into effect April 1, 2023.
  • Citywide curbside composting service for all New Yorkers by the end of 2024

We invite you to join us for an upcoming Info Session to learn more about these exciting changes! Please register at the link below. If you are unable to attend, you can learn more at and

Meeting DateMeeting TimeRegistration Link
3/15/20231:00 PM,rYmh4LvA10CJA3mwZT0llA,vPW-k9nXBU63wY1_0IMYKw,xsKSk2Y7oEiVt5-HEEOdBA,jb7qgevsukyAFwXbVdzVfA,lQJFP6E2x063r0OVMFcn2A?mode=read&tenantId=32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef&webinarRing=gcc
3/21/20231:00 PM,rYmh4LvA10CJA3mwZT0llA,vPW-k9nXBU63wY1_0IMYKw,z2ZlKputvEWZ4dlNvV4qpg,fs6yXau58UiImT2Ds6tYrQ,gG-g05TdpUGk5xGfC-Pdng?mode=read&tenantId=32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef&webinarRing=gcc
3/23/20231:00 PM,rYmh4LvA10CJA3mwZT0llA,vPW-k9nXBU63wY1_0IMYKw,eP04DUy9GEOR768A0HTfew,yKWPJp8Xd0uhkgOz0KUltw,gIECFdpq6ESQCSnwGclZwg?mode=read&tenantId=32f56fc7-5f81-4e22-a95b-15da66513bef&webinarRing=gcc

We look forward to seeing you at one of our info sessions!

HNBA March Meeting – Tuesday the 14th, 7:00 PM


The next Harlem Neighborhood Block Association meeting will be Tomorrow, March 14th, at 7:00 PM at 2306 3rd Avenue (the new Salvation Army Building).  We’re looking forward to an exciting evening.

  • Major Silvia Machado, the Corps Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army’s Manhattan Citadel Corps will give us a private tour of the new building
  • Our 25th Precinct Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO’s), Officers Lau and Hackeling will brief us on public safety issues in our neighborhood, answer any questions you might have, and take notes of any concerns you’d like addressed
  • Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and/or his staff will come to answer any questions you might have about the prosecution of crime in New York
  • Sharase DeBouse – our District Leader – will provide a community election/primary update

Note that the day after (March 15th at 6PM) the 25th Precinct’s Community Council meeting will be held at the precinct with two NYPD Chiefs in attendance.

126th Street and Lenox Ave

Looking eastward, from Lenox Avenue along West 126th Street.

And the same view, from 1904, showing a special riveted rectangular water pipe, over the roof of the subway.

And Further West…

The Riverside Drive Viaduct at 125th Street (photographer Berenice Abbott) ~1937

Harlem Tax Protest

Learn how to protest high taxes in Harlem.

Contest Your Property Taxes for Fair Share
Learn how on Saturday, March 11, 2023 from 11am to 12pm
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 868 4723 4917+16465588656,,86847234917# US (New York)

NYS and NYC import over 6,500 substance abuse disorder patients into Harlem 6 days a week and requires the thousands of single adult homeless residents to vacate during the day, resulting in drug users flooding the community, open drug sales and use, loitering, violence, and threats to the health and safety of our children, residents, and businesses.

We want the City and State to distribute social services equitably throughout the 5 boroughs.  There are 46 Districts in NYC with less than 10 drug treatment facilities.  Five districts have NONE.  Harlem has 46 in a two square mile area.  Harlem is home to one of only two safe injection sites in NYS, and the most methadone clinics, homeless shelters, needle exchange programs, and LACK of homeless services in NYC.

For the last 50 years Harlem residents have among others, repeatedly contacted State and Local officials, protested, sent postcards, begged and pleaded, all to no avail.  Now we are incorporating another approach.We are asking owners of one – three family homes to join us to protest our real estate taxes using the exact same reason – our property values are 50% too high because we are oversaturated.

Send your name and address to [email protected].Educate yourselves about how your taxes are calculated by reading theNYC Tax Class One Guide and your Notice of Property Values.Attend our information session on Saturday, March 11, 2023 at 11am. Protest, even if your taxes are low.  We are protesting the oversaturation of drug treatment, harm reduction, and adults only homeless shelters by replacing posters with a tax revolt.  If enough Harlem residents contest their taxes, we are sure to get the city’s and media’s attention. Our voices must be heard.You still have to pay your taxes in the same manner you do now.  This is not a withholding of taxes protest; it is an amount of taxes protest

Media coverage and recognition by NYS and NYC that we will use all means necessary to defend our community.

A potential reduction in some of our property taxes.

NO. Everyone can challenge their property taxes without fear of retribution from the city. It is a common practice that many employ but few know about.         

 NYC cannot raise your taxes if you challenge the amount.  They can only lower it.You may have other legitimate reasons to lower your taxes that you should pursue in addition to our protest.