A German View of Harlem

Ebay has a photo up for sale that shows a view of Harlem taken by a German photographer.

The photo, from 1963, references the 1962 study of poverty in America – “The Other America” by Michael Harrington – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Other_America

Note the sharply dressed young men and women, and the black police officer on the right:

Careful observation will likely tell you where this photo was taken. The most obvious clue is that we’re near a subway stop, even if the signage is markedly different from contemporary signage:

The most powerful clues, however, are embedded in the image below. Note the street sign, likely saying 125th Street. Also the church steeple to the left of the gentleman looking into the distance. That church is at 123/Lenox, and if you look carefully below the (1)25 ST you might be able to make out “…NOX AV”

Thus, the large building in the background – on the corner – is where Whole Foods currently resides.

The Ebay listing, is here.

A Wooden Harlem House

Ephemeral New York had a great article about a small, two-story wooden home on West 124th Street, here in Harlem.

Today the location is the back of Whole Foods (essentially their loading dock) :

But in the 19th century (and into the early 20th century) a small wooden home with a charming Victorian porch held the address 109 West 124th Street:

Ephemeral New York estimates it was built in the 1850’s. By 1887 it was sold for $10,000.

The house was briefly the location of an art school called the Lenox Art Academy. Several newspaper references in the early 1900s note the classes the school offered and gallery exhibitions.

To read the full article, see:

Early Voting Ends Today


If you want to vote early, today’s your day. Make sure to check your early polling place as this frequently differs from your normal election day site.

If you have time on Tuesday to volunteer, many campaigns are looking for people to hand out literature, rally support, or wave signs.

Yesterday, the Kristin Jordan team noted that any/all help would be appreciated on Tuesday at 134th and Lenox. But whatever candidate/s you support would likely love to have a few extra hands, so please reach out to their campaigns and help get Harlem to the polls.