A German View of Harlem

Ebay has a photo up for sale that shows a view of Harlem taken by a German photographer.

The photo, from 1963, references the 1962 study of poverty in America – “The Other America” by Michael Harrington – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Other_America

Note the sharply dressed young men and women, and the black police officer on the right:

Careful observation will likely tell you where this photo was taken. The most obvious clue is that we’re near a subway stop, even if the signage is markedly different from contemporary signage:

The most powerful clues, however, are embedded in the image below. Note the street sign, likely saying 125th Street. Also the church steeple to the left of the gentleman looking into the distance. That church is at 123/Lenox, and if you look carefully below the (1)25 ST you might be able to make out “…NOX AV”

Thus, the large building in the background – on the corner – is where Whole Foods currently resides.

The Ebay listing, is here.

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