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  • East Harlem, Underwater

    East Harlem, Underwater

    With climate change predicted to bring more flooding, heavy rains, storms, and more, it’s important to think about how vulnerable your home/apartment/block/community is. This map, showing flood zones in 2012 (essentially shows the flooding caused by Sandy): The following map, however, shows what a Sandy equivalent storm will do to our coastline in 2080: And…

  • Don’t Want Guns In Our Community?

    Don’t Want Guns In Our Community?

    Celebrate Alternate Side Parking Who knew? While everyone, even disgruntled drivers, acknowledges that the return to twice a week alternate side parking reduces the trash on our streets, reduces the rat population, and adds to community pride, who knew that it also impacts the presence of guns in our community? While alternate side parking may…

  • Head to The Schomburg

    Head to The Schomburg

    Alison Saar, the artist behind the Harriet Tubman sculpture at St. Nicholas and Frederick Douglass Blvds. has created a work based on the playwright, journalist, activist, and lesbian, Lorraine Hansberry. Saar, who also did the jazz era sculptures of Harlem residents that are on the Metro-North platforms at the 125th Street Station, will unveil the…