East Harlem, Underwater

With climate change predicted to bring more flooding, heavy rains, storms, and more, it’s important to think about how vulnerable your home/apartment/block/community is.

This map, showing flood zones in 2012 (essentially shows the flooding caused by Sandy):

The following map, however, shows what a Sandy equivalent storm will do to our coastline in 2080:

And the difference is because as we all burn fossil fuels, the resulting warmer ocean temperatures results in more voluminous water that rises higher than current sea levels (warmer water expands), and all those glaciers melting day by day by day, are causing sea levels to rise.

Note that even if you don’t see your home in the ‘black’ areas of this map, ask yourself where are those residents going? Where are the responders? Where are the hospitals? The roadways? And so on.

To see a full report on this issue, and to search the map yourself, see:


Federal Housing Policy Discussion with IssueVoter

Join IssueVoter, a non-partisan non-profit, and William Smith, District Leader of the New York County Democratic Committee representing the 68th District, for a federal housing policy briefing.

Meet us on Zoom on Thursday, September 22 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time as we discuss federal housing legislation and how to make your voices heard in Congress.

IssueVoter is a nonpartisan, nonprofit online platform dedicated to giving everyone a voice in our democracy. Our free public service makes civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful.
IssueVoter informs you of legislation affecting issues you care about, sends your opinions to lawmakers, and helps you see how often you were truly represented.

Go For A Bike Ride This Morning

Citi Bike Tour: Upper Manhattan, Bronx, and Randall’s Island
Journey your way through the rich history and culture that exists Uptown on a Citi Bike. Along the 11-mile excursion, you’ll traverse Washington Heights, the South Bronx, Randall’s Island, and Central Harlem. The free bike tour is sponsored by Active Plus NYC, Citi Bike, and the Frederick Douglass Boulevard Alliance. Spots are limited. Saturday, Aug. 20, 10:30 am

Governor Hochul Announces Funding to Renovate the Schomburg

Free Cooking on the Farm

Join RIPA for our Cooking on the Farm with Families event! We will be hosting the free event at the Urban Farm this Sunday, August 21 from 3 PM to 4:30 PM

We will be making a scrumptious, seasonal entrée with Chef Angelica Vargas, using ingredients picked from the Farm just that morning. Ingredients will include radishes, beets, peppers, and more!

A main flavor profile of this meal will be papalo, a Mexican herb that is said to taste like a cross between arugula, cilantro, and rue. The first 15 attendees to arrive will be able to participate in the cooking demonstration. 

We hope to see you on the Island this Sunday!