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  • Color Stock Film of Harlem 1963

    Color Stock Film of Harlem 1963

    A shout-out to Harlem Bespoke who mentioned this Pathe 8 minute film of stock images of New York City in 1963: If you want to focus on the short section on Harlem, scrub over to 5:15 on the YouTube video. Janes Walk – A Great Day In Harlem Join members of Landmark East Harlem (LEH)…

  • Redlining and Environmental Justice

    Redlining and Environmental Justice

    Camellia Burris ceb2252@columbia.edu who attended Tuesday’s HNBA meeting from Columbia University wants to speak to her about an environmental justice project. Camillia is investigating the link between redlining and global warming —more specifically, how racist disinvestment in Harlem has led to some of its neighborhoods experiencing hotter temperatures than areas in the city that were…

  • Astor Row Guide, Needed

    Astor Row Guide, Needed

    The West Harlem Art Fund, and Jane’s Walk have three descriptions for three historic districts that will be a part of Jane’s Walk 2022. (A fourth one will be submitted shortly.) It would be great to also include Astor Row. If you love that street and are willing to share that enthusiasm with the Harlem-curious,…