Redlining and Environmental Justice

Camellia Burris who attended Tuesday’s HNBA meeting from Columbia University wants to speak to her about an environmental justice project. Camillia is investigating the link between redlining and global warming —more specifically, how racist disinvestment in Harlem has led to some of its neighborhoods experiencing hotter temperatures than areas in the city that were not previously redlined.

Please email Camillia at: to talk to her about environmental justice in our community

Princess Nokia in Thomas Jefferson Park

Princess Nokia + puffer jackets hits Thomas Jefferson Park in the video for her single “No Effort”. The artist says she’s bringing “it back to Harlem” in the song’s video and the aesthetic is late 90’s.

Princess Nokia’s video is inspired by a photo from a 1996 New York Magazine article: “Prep-School Gangsters.” about a group of wealthy students at upscale private schools who fetishized hip-hop culture.

Nokia writes, “I wanted to recreate the photo and symbolize the beauty of the actual inner city [from a] female perspective.”

Jane’s Walk in Harlem

Jane’s Walk is back in person. The annual citizen-led walking tour named for the urbanist Jane Jacobs will be anchored with four tours in Harlem, including the newly created Dorrance Brooks Historic District, which honors a World War I soldier from the neighborhood, known for his exceptional bravery.