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  • Shams De Barron – Harlem Housing Activist

    Shams De Barron – Harlem Housing Activist

    Newsy offers an in-depth look at the homelessness crisis on America’s streets through the eyes of Shams DaBaron (AKA “Da Homeless Hero“) and others experiencing homelessness. Shams puts forth his ambitious “housing-first” program as a solution to the city’s homelessness crisis and a national model for housing those in need. https://www.newsy.com/stories/in-real-life-homeless-hero/ As Seen In Harlem

  • March on Gracie Mansion

    March on Gracie Mansion

    On July 10th (this Saturday) at 2:00 pm, Shams, aka Da Homeless Hero, and numerous other organizations are marching to charge the mayor with reckless endangerment of homeless New Yorkers due to poor conditions of the shelters and lack of social services for shelter residents, and also to demand fundamental reform to shrink the ever-growing…