March on Gracie Mansion

On July 10th (this Saturday) at 2:00 pm, Shams, aka Da Homeless Hero, and numerous other organizations are marching to charge the mayor with reckless endangerment of homeless New Yorkers due to poor conditions of the shelters and lack of social services for shelter residents, and also to demand fundamental reform to shrink the ever-growing shelter system.  These reforms range from changes to the voucher system to get people out of shelters, and addressing the lack of incentives that promote truly affordable housing.

The march starts at 86th and East End Avenue.  Please consider joining the march at that location or at Ginjan Cafe (Park/125) at 1:30pm.

This march is highly relevant because many of the quality of life issues we witness daily can be attributed to mismanagement of the congregated adult-only shelters on Wards Island and to some extent shelters in other Harlem locations.

Let’s also not forget that East Harlem and Central has 14% of NYC’s entire single individual homeless shelter capacities (10% in East Harlem, 4% in Central Harlem).

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