125th Street, June, 1943

This photo popped up on Ebay with the date (June, 1943) and a title (New York, New York. Street scene in Harlem):

The two soldiers and clothing/cars certainly looked right for the WWII era, but I wondered where the photo was taken.

Eventually, I was able to figure out that the building on the right, still exists, and (difficult to see) the building above the man in the fedora (looking at the photographer) is the Victoria Theater.

Below is the contemporary street scene:

Follow Black Women

Community Voices Heard asks: ‘How do you achieve a society where everyone wins? Follow Black Women! You are the leader New York needs now.”

Please take the next step and complete their short survey.

Harlem in Black and White

Ebay has a number of great images from Harlem’s past for sale as reprints

1946, West Harlem Summer


1960’s Unicycling Basketball


1946, Broadway and 125th Street


1940s Children Dancing


1946 Wisk Broom Seller


Thank You! From The 25th Precinct’s Community Council

Kioka Jackson put together an amazing National Night Out earlier this month but wanted to thank all of the great community members and officers who helped make this happen. She also wanted to encourage us all to shop locally at the businesses that are helping to build a community that thrives:

  • Please grab some amazing pastries, donuts and coffee from Super Nice located between Third and Lexington Avenues on 117th Street.  Yes, the coffee shop with the Pink Pig Logo. Most amazing Cheese Danishes I have ever had.
  • If you want some great food and drinks please go down to First Avenue between 116th and 117th to Sapoara Restaurant.  Tell the Bartender you know me she will make your drink extra special. LOL!
  • Need a Caterer? Reach out to Monique Jones.  Baby them Jerk Turkey Wings were saying something at National Night Out. Monique Jones <[email protected]
  • We all use Bouncy Houses at our events.  If you are looking for a place to rent Bouncy Houses from, consider Busta Bouncy House Entertainment.  They are very affordable and the owner is born and raised in East Harlem.  
  • Need some financial advice?  We all do.,….. Reach out to Tony Shaw – [email protected]   Trust me you will learn something.

Harlem FBI

eBay has an FBI Harlem division pin, up for sale:

For details on this jazz and nightclub-themed pin, see this link.

Free COVID Test Kits for Home

Pick up free COVID test kits for you and your family. Details and locations here:


The site also lists free testing – New York City continues to provide free testing irrespective of whether or not you have health insurance.

Written on the official stationary of the Harlem Messiah

It’s not often you come across an item like this in Ebay which purports to be “Written on the official stationary of the Harlem Messiah.”

The item is ephemeral from the 1930’s Depression-era faith community of Father Devine, who led many Harlemites into hope when so many faced an unprecedented wall of economic and racial dispair.

Father Devine’s popularity allowed his organization to purchase this building on West 128th Street, just west of 5th Avenue which had been a Catholic home for nuns – and founded in more prosperous 1921.

The building has changed hands, and is now the Christ Temple of the Apostolic Faith.

For the full Ebay details, see this listing.

Election Day!

16mm Black and White Film of Count Basie Available on Ebay

A 7 minute 16mm film of the Count Basie orchestra is currently up for bids on Ebay.

For jazz fans this might be an interesting find.

Look at the piano he’s conducting from.

For more (and to place a bid) see: https://www.ebay.com/itm/283962234531?ul_noapp=true