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The 25th Precinct and Being A Good Neighbor

At our September HNBA meeting we asked Captain Henning if he could ask his cleaning staff to pay attention to the back of their parking lot, on Park Avenue. The trash build-up there was really unacceptable.

Captain Henning acted almost immediately, and I was happy to see (earlier this week) that the sidewalk along Park Avenue is much, much cleaner.

Thank you @NYPD25Pct

Pop-up COVID Testing

Today the Boriken Neighborhood Health Center of East Harlem will have a pop-up COVID testing site at the Boys and Girls Club on East 111th Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenue. All welcome, no appointments required.

While the director promised to update their website with testing locations,

it’s best to just give them a call to find out where they’ll be today, tomorrow, and beyond:

Tel: (212)289-6650

Questions for the Commanding Officer at the 25th Precinct

We asked HNBA members to submit questions they would like Captain Henning to answer today at 7:00 PM at the September HNBA meeting. Here are the questions posed by your neighbors:

What are you and your fellow precinct and department leaders doing to ensure that your officers, most of whom do not live in this neighborhood, have the necessary levels of investment in our communities and connectivity to us as residents to ensure they patrol our streets with the respect we deserve? I think I speak for myself and my neighbors when I say we’re tired of being viewed as “other” by the cops that are supposed to be working for and with us.

Why are NYPD officers not always wearing a mask in the street?

Why is there absolutely no police presence around 6am – 8am in the morning around 125th street and Lexington Avenue?

What is being done about the homeless and drug activity around 125th and Lexington? I’ve never seen it so bad.

What is being done about the homeless and drug activity around 125th and Lexington? I’ve never seen it so bad.

With unrest in the Black community, a horrible lack preparedness to the Coronavirus, and despite that fact Trump is not supported by the majority of New Yorkers, why would the NYPD – which is supposed to be non-partisan – back Trump as President?

The Sergeants Benevolent Association this year has issued declaration of “war” on the Mayor, and appeared with QAnon material in interviews. Understanding SBA is not NYPD, but do officers at the Precinct understand, nonetheless, that these incidents have an impact in some residents’ ability to trust the police?

I’m still seeing a lot of officers without masks. I also notice around 125 and Lex they are often standing around chatting in groups of four, without masks. I asked an officer once why he wasn’t wearing a mask and he told me he was immune. Tried to tell him that was nice but he could still infect someone. He wasn’t particularly interested in hearing that. I’m trying to say “Hello” and be friendly but am not thrilled with the response I’m getting.

There are often groups of people hanging around Madison between 125 and 126, sitting in their cars and playing very loud music. I can’t imagine what the local residents feel about it but I have been told that these are drug dealers and am wondering why the police never seem to do anything about it.

What is your relationship with the MTA officers at the MetroNorth station? There was a fire in my on 125th the other day. The building on fire backed up to my garden (I’m on 126th). I wanted to tell a firefighter that if they needed to get into the rear of the building they could go thru my ground floor apartment. I asked 2 officers how to get that info to the firefighters but the officers just walked away while I was talking to them. They might have been MTA police, didn’t really think to look. But a third officer who was definitely NYPD kept dismissing me and not hearing what I was saying. Finally I got him to tell a firefighter but the whole experience got me angry.

If you are a member of HNBA (Join Here) and would like to join in the conversation tonight, email Shawn for the zoom link.

HNBA Tuesday, September 8th, Zoom Meeting with Captain Henning of the 25th Precinct

On Tuesday, September 8th, at 7pm, we’ll be hosting our first HNBA Zoom meeting. Details on the Zoom session will follow, but our meeting will feature Captain Henning – – and our two Neighborhood Coordination Officers who will answer your questions.

In advance of the meeting, HNBA members – join here if you are not already a member: – will get a survey link where they can ask questions for Captain Henning in advance. After Captain Henning has responded, we’ll open up the meeting for oral follow-up questions and other questions you might have for our NCOs.

The Zoom link and the link for your questions for the commander, will be sent out later this week.