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The 25th Precinct and Being A Good Neighbor

At our September HNBA meeting we asked Captain Henning if he could ask his cleaning staff to pay attention to the back of their parking lot, on Park Avenue. The trash build-up there was really unacceptable.

Captain Henning acted almost immediately, and I was happy to see (earlier this week) that the sidewalk along Park Avenue is much, much cleaner.

Thank you @NYPD25Pct

Pop-up COVID Testing

Today the Boriken Neighborhood Health Center of East Harlem will have a pop-up COVID testing site at the Boys and Girls Club on East 111th Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenue. All welcome, no appointments required.

While the director promised to update their website with testing locations,

it’s best to just give them a call to find out where they’ll be today, tomorrow, and beyond:

Tel: (212)289-6650