104 and 25,626

Only 104 votes separate Kristin Jordan from the incumbent, Bill Perkins. 104 ballots (out of 25,626 ballots cast in the City Council 9 race means that we’re headed for a manual recount.

We have not heard from the Board of Elections specifically that Bill Perkins’ wife – a patronage appointee to the NYC Board of Elections – has (or will) recuse herself from the process.

According to an article in The City:


This manual recount will take weeks to accomplish.

Sidewalk Mosaic on Astor Row

Do You Remember the 80’s?

The financial crisis of the 1970s, the ongoing effects of redlining, and the systemic racism in city agencies that prioritized some communities over others, led to an incredible deterioration in Harlem’s infrastructure. The ‘before/after’ images below are powerful reminders of the era:

And now:

Mask Up!

Spotted on Astor Row, a masked gargoyle.