Young People On The Move

The census has a great site, Migration Patterns – – that looks at where young people moving to New York and moving out of New York, are coming/going from/to.

First of all, where are young people who leave NYC going?

While 79% of young people stayed in NYC, the rest headed to the counties shown on the map above.

As for the young people who came to NYC, the map below shows where they came from, and the map is strikingly similar, with young people moving to/from a limited set of places – typically ones with large urban centers. Note (below) how young people from the Washington to Boston corridor (plus Detroit, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles in particular) moved to NYC:

There are also interesting racial differences in the data. While young Black and Hispanic New Yorkers are overwhelmingly from New York City (born and raised):

White and Asian young people in NYC are more likely to have grown up elsewhere, and moved here:

In the end, young New Yorkers have come here from more than 200 miles on average:

Artimus’s Project on E. 127/Park Rises

If you’ve been by Park/127, you will likely notice that this project is now a number of floors taller than when this photo was taken!

Free Music on Monday

Music Monday featuring the Sing Harlem! Choir
Usher in the holiday season to the sounds of the Sing Harlem! choir. The choral ensemble—which is affiliated with the Mama Foundation for the Arts—will host a concert as part of The Forum’s Music Monday series. The event is free and open to the public. Monday, Nov. 21, 6:00 pm