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If you haven’t seen this ad, it’s the must-see of 2020.

I have to confess, I was weeping at the end.

Walking to Morocco

It’s hard to imagine, but 240 million years ago, were you in what would become Harlem, you could walk eastward and arrive in Western Sahara or Morocco. We all know, of course, how neatly North and South America nested with Europe and Africa, but still, the idea of Harlem and Casablanca being neighbors, is amazing.

Note how there is no Rocky Mountain range yet, and the Appalachian mountians were very prominent and spread down into South America.

By 200 million years ago, water began to invade the early split between North American and Europe/Africa.

And by 150 million years ago, what would become Morocco had split irrevocably from Harlem.

To see the map:

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