Vigil, Tomorrow at 10

For tomorrow’s vigil for Yao Pan Ma, please find the updated list of officials in attendance in the poster: Alvin Bragg, Tish James, Jose Serrano, Robert Rodriguez, Gale Brewer, and Mark Levine.  From the Asian communities, we will have officials Grace Meng, John Liu,  Ron Kim, and Yuh-Line Niou. We will speak to them about the need for equitable distribution of social services and the need for more resources to come help uplift our young people.  

A representative of Yao Pan Ma will deliver a statement. Importantly, quite a few Asian seniors will attend and we hope residents of all races can come out to show their support. The seniors are terribly shaken by recent incidents. 

Note also that a good number of media will be present, including New York Times, ABC, NBC, PIX.

If you can’t join, please help spread the word: 




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