Tomorrow! A Gospel Christmas

Tomorrow night at 7:30, all are welcome on East 126th Street to join in the holiday spirit, build community, and celebrate all that we have to be thankful for.

Tomorrow, December 16th. 7:30 PM.

57 East 126th Street.


As seen on Madison Avenue. A New Jersey plate headed southbound on Madison Avenue.

125th Street BID Opposes Legal Weed Shop Across from the Apollo

The 125th Street BID is opposing opening the state’s first legal cannabis shop across from the Apollo. The BID president said she was not opposed to a cannabis store, just opposed to that prominent location when the community is working so hard to address other stressors on businesses – loitering, trash, shoplifting, mental health, open-air dealing/using, etc.

If you’d like to sign their petition opposing this location, the petition is here:

Note that no notice to the community (to CB10) was provided about the location in advance.