The Race Heats Up

Jordan J. G. Wright’s candidacy for the 70th Assembly District, launched in front of the Schomburg Center, signifies a significant shift in Harlem’s political landscape. With Assemblymember Inez Dickens retiring, a competitive primary race emerges to determine her successor. Wright, who previously served as campaign manager for Councilmember Yusef Salaam, has garnered support from Harlem’s influential “old guard,” including Charles Rangel and his own father, former Assemblymember Keith Wright. Their endorsements speak to Wright’s deep roots in the community and his potential to bridge generational divides.

At the heart of Wright’s campaign is a message of unity and progress for Harlem. Embracing the legacy of civil rights activism and community empowerment, Wright seeks to project the promise of a new era for Harlem politics, one that builds on the foundations laid by previous generations while embracing fresh perspectives and strategies.

Managed by a team of seasoned political professionals, Wright’s campaign appears well-positioned for competing in the competitive primary and, potentially, a general election.

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