The M35

Depending on how long you’ve lived in Harlem, you may remember different iterations of bus access to Randall’s or Wards’ Island. Here are the 3 (former) ways to get to the island by MTA bus:

  • M34 operated between Lexington Avenue/125th Street to Randall’s/Wards Island to Astoria – shortened to operate between Lexington Av/125th Street and Randall’s/Wards Island, and renamed as the M35 in 1995
  • X81 Special Events bus between Randall’s Island and 61st St 7 station/LIRR in Woodside – This service was provided for special events such as concerts and a premium fare was charged. This service was no longer provided as of 2009 or 2010.
  • Bx21 operated between Lexington/125th Street, Randall’s/Wards Island and Morris Park, Bronx.  This service was discontinued in 1984.

Today, with less than 200 people riding it per day on average, here’s the route:

The Business Side of Sylvia’s

Sylvia’s Restaurant – a legendary Harlem restaurant – is featured in a Harvard business podcast that looks not only at the foundations of this icon, but where the family envisions taking the business in the future.

Have a listen:

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