The Hidden Racism of Our Tax Code

 I know we’ve been given a month’s reprieve for filing this year, but I thought that on this day I’d recommend listening to this fascinating and convincing examination of how consciously and unconsciously the US tax system favors wealthier and whiter communities and overburden’s communities of color:

The Hidden Racism of Taxes

A professor of tax law uncovers how the seemingly race-neutral tax code compounds many inequalities in American life, and prevents Black people from building wealth.

YESS To Sex!

Project YESS! is a CDC-funded research study being conducted by Dr. Yzette Lanier, an Assistant Professor at NYU. The purpose of the study is to understand adolescent and young adults’ romantic relationships and sexual behaviors and practices. The goal is to develop programs that help youth and young adults in NYC build healthy romantic and sexual relationships. 

We know this is a very trying time but we are still looking for young couples to take part in the study, as we believe in the importance of the project (over 90 couples have enrolled to date). We are currently targeting young people in the South Bronx and Upper Manhattan. Any individuals who choose to participate would remain safe and in accordance with the NYC social distancing guidelines; as we are conducting the study remotely. And eligible students may earn up to $75 each as well as additional cash and other prizes, for completing 3 surveys.

Attached is additional project information including an informational sheet, FAQ sheet, and a recruitment flyer. Here is a general interest form that students can fill out if they are interested in participating in Project YESS!:

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