The First Map to Identify Haerlem

The map Novi Belgii, quod nunc Novi Jorck vocatur, Novaeque Anglia et partis Virginiae, or: New Netherland, Which is Now Called New York, and New England and Part of Virginia, from 1671 is the first map I know of that shows Haerlem/Harlem:

The map of New Belgium, New Netherlands, New England, and New France, is gorgeously colored, and shows a number of First Peoples engaged in activities, as well as fauna in the map’s voids.

Zooming in on the New York City area, you can see a number of place names that still are in use:

Uytrect, Jamaica, Rariton, Nieu Jorck, Tappaans, Manhattans, and (of course) Haerlem:

Keith Haring And Crack Is Wack

A pair of images of Keith Haring at his iconic Crack is Wack mural: