The Commute

Opioid Treatment Commuters – travel patterns and patient numbers (commuting into East Harlem) from all 5 boroughs are illustrated on this map.

Hover over a zip code on the map below to learn how many travel (often daily) to East Harlem for their treatment.

Extreme Heat Is Coming

(okay, this weekend isn’t super hot, but you know, the heat is coming…)

Extreme heat is one of the most significant hazards facing New York City, and New Yorkers are especially vulnerable to extreme heat-related hazards during the summer months.

NYC Emergency Management is hosting a Ready Up Webinar and invites all New Yorkers to learn about how be prepared for the dangers of an extreme heat event. This webinar will provide tips and guidance on what to do before and during an extreme heat event and how to remain connected to resources and information.

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