They Can’t Read Our Minds

“They can’t read our minds” is one of the mantras of HNBA and should be one of any engaged citizen. Reporting everything from leaking hydrants, to rats, to illegal drug sales helps our city respond proportionately.

Unfortunately, the use of 311 and 911 is disproportionately impacted by many factors that are often rolled up into the term “social capital”. Essentially, people with privilege are more likely to complain or notify authorities because they identify more expansively with the landscape, are socially rewarded for reporting, and do not fear blowback from authorities (and the police in particular). All of this is coupled with the very real fear that a simple report to 311/911 could potentially lead to a police encounter that could escalate.

How then do we report drug sales and drug usage so NYC can respond to this quality of life and public safety issue appropriately?

You can [anonymously] report the illegal sale of drugs, chronic drug dealing, and individuals involved in such activities, in public areas.

Call 311 for assistance by phone or use this link (and please, bookmark it):


I love this photo of a Harlem Hellfighter, posed on an NYS Police Harley, with his rifle drawn. The sunglasses and crisp uniform make this an iconic photo of professional pride.

Ebay has the photo for sale, here: