• The Negro Soldier

    The Negro Soldier

    Yesterday’s post on a Nazi critique of America’s racial and economic reality suggested that the film The Negro Soldier – produced as WWII American propaganda is worth a watch: This 1944 documentary, directed by Stuart Heisler and produced by Frank Capra was a part of the United States Army’s First Motion Picture Unit for The…

  • Harlem Women Bussed To New Jersey

    Harlem Women Bussed To New Jersey

    This film from the Library of Congress shows Harlem women (and one man) bussed to New Jersey during WWII to work in a munition factory. The gathering is clearly on a winter’s day, with snow on the ground. You can see that the pickup for the war work was at Adam Clayton Powell and 135th…

  • Double V Celebration

    Double V Celebration

    The location of this Double V photo intrigued me as it was only labeled as being taken in “Harlem”. The Double V campaign attempted to draw attention to the racism that kept Black Americans unable to work in many (lucrative) industries in the US, while permitting them to risk their lives fighting fascism abroad (in,…