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  • Le Tropezienne Bakery

    Le Tropezienne Bakery

    1st Avenue at 110th Street Le Tropezienne has back to school cookies. Note the Teacher Fuel edition, and the 1st Day Of Classes edition: it’s an amazing bakery and our go-to for amazing croissants and pastries. https://twobakeriesandarestaurant.com/#la-tropezienne AC Coming A great B/W image of the Victoria Theater on West 125th Street. In addition to a…

  • Up in the Clouds

    Up in the Clouds

    It’s true that Harlem doesn’t have any supertalls gracing the top of Central Park, but we do have a new tallest residence – the old Victoria Theater building. 6 Square Feet are reporting that a lottery has begun for 102 mixed-income units that start from $755/month. at this building: At 27 stories and 340 feet…

  • The Victoria Tower Residences

    The Victoria Tower Residences

    The Victoria Tower Residences on 125th street is starting to show apartments. The building is behind, yet incorporates the facade of the old Victoria Theater. The 27-story high rise shares its space with the Renaissance Marriot Hotel and is being marketed as a luxury building with a two-story lounge, multiple meeting rooms, a fitness center,…