Sol Cinema Cafe – Our Right to Gaze


Harlem’s own Sol Cinema Cafe has a fantastic collection of ​six shorts under the title “Our Right to Gaze“. The filmmakers gaze at themselves and their world, attempting to make sense of what they see reflected back. From gripping drama to heart-warming comedy, Our Right to Gaze: Black Film Identities features timely stories from Black artists that take us outside of the ordinary.

Love in Submission”  by Antu Yacob & Lande Yoosuf

  • Worlds collide when two different Muslim women meet each other for the first time through a mutual third party.

​”A Hollywood Party” by Toryn Seabrooks

  • An aspiring TV host encounters her lifelong idol at a Hollywood party but is mortified after the superstar accidentally spits on her lip mid-conversation.

​”Nowhere” by Lin Que Ayoung

  • A middle-aged Latina flees her controlling husband for a night of unadulterated freedom.

​”The Black Banshee” by Kyla Sylvers

  • Convinced by her friends and boyfriend to enjoy a night out after losing her job, Yvie begins to question her own mind when the visions she’s been having start to have dangerous consequences.

​”Auntie Zariyah” by Zora Bikangaga

  • Zach crashes with an auntie he’s never met before and soon finds out that Auntie Zariyah is a 12-year-old influencer.

​”Pandemic Chronicles” by Ya’ke Smith

  • A three-part anthology series about love, loss, and grief during quarantine.

To watch the trailer:

To watch the short film collection ($10):

Kamala Combo at Harlem Shake

For Women’s History Month, Harlem Shake is celebrating with The Kamala Combo. A portion of their sales will benefit Girls Educational and Mentoring Services. The combo is priced at $18.75. 

In addition, they’re kicking off their eighth edition of the Miss or Mr. Harlem Shake contest to highlight a Harlem resident representing the pride of the neighborhood.