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  • Sidewalk Sheds

    Sidewalk Sheds

    The Department of Buildings keeps a record on sidewalk sheds and provides a great map to look at them. Central Harlem currently has 249 sidewalk sheds, whereas East Harlem has 202. Mapped, the data shows that they are, pretty much, everywhere: And, if you filter for 5 years or older! Here’s the map you get:…

  • The Oldest Scaffolding in New York

    The Oldest Scaffolding in New York

    Patch.com recently had an article on Village residents rejoicing that a long-standing sidewalk scaffolding was coming down. Harlem residents near Lenox and 115th Street claim that scaffolding on the north-east corner has been there since 1990 – 32 YEARS! Somehow generations of City Council and NYC Mayors have not found a way to end the…