La Sinagoga

On East 125th Street, just east of Park and the tall Lee Building (that boarders Metro North) a low 3 story building with dormer windows and arched brownstone 2nd floor windows was a vaudeville venue called The Orpheum. The view of The Orpheum (below) is from 1904:

After that, the building was called The Harlem Strand Theater for a while, until its owners were sued by Mitchel H. Mark Realty Corp (owners of the Strand Theater near Times Square) for trademark infringement.

After the theater operated as the Strand from 1914-1917 the building shifted to a movie house and again and was renamed as The Grand:

Today the building is owned by a Pentecostal church that calls itself “La Sinagoga”.

The name La Sinagoga originated from an earlier location for this church in the basement of a synagogue on 109th Street between Madison and Park Avenues. 

As Seen In Harlem

Augusta Savage. Sculptor, artist, educator, and activist.