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  • Randall’s, Ward’s, and Sunken

    Randall’s, Ward’s, and Sunken

    In 1885, there was Randall’s Island, Ward’s Island, and Sunken Medows, all separated by channels joining the Halrem and East Rivers with Hell Gate and Long Island Sound: The map, for sale on Ebay, shows fascinating details on buildings, orchards, groves, and marshes that are no more: Midnight In Harlem Another white rock group with…

  • Tides


    If you’re headed over to Randall’s Island, and wanted to know if the tide is in or out, here’s your go-to web tool: https://www.boatingworld.com/forecast/harlem-river-ny-randalls-island/tides

  • Eric Adams Visits Lex/125

    Eric Adams Visits Lex/125

    https://fb.watch/bu98DNspEf/ A History of Methadone and Harlem Across New York City, a certain kind of medicine is administered not in a regular pharmacy or a doctor’s office, but in its own kind of space altogether. Most often, these are brick-and-mortar locations, clustered in lower-income communities of color; increasingly, such treatment sites are mobile and distributed. In…

  • Black Cowboys

    Black Cowboys

    East Harlem has a riding center on Randall’s Island that is managed by a storied Black Cowboy. Although more prominent in the South, there is a small but longstanding group of Black cowboys in NYC who have migrated from places like Texas, Virginia and Mississippi. Dr. George E. Blair—a 90-year-old descendant of the buffalo soldiers—who…

  • 1936


    In 1936, on this day, Jesse Owens qualified for the US Olympic team, running the 100 m trial in 10.4 seconds (note the Ohio top). He also jumped 26′ 3″ in the broad jump, and set a world record for the 200 m race – 21 seconds. What few people know, is that this qualification…

  • Randalls Island

    Randalls Island

    At the base of the Triborough bridge (where the pedestrian walkway starts in Astoria) there is a wonderful, vintage and cast metal map of Randalls Island: Note the red button on the right-hand side that indicates where you are. Note how Wards Island was not ‘open’ to the public (greyed out) and had a dock…

  • As Seen on 2nd Avenue

    140% Increase in Visitors to Randall’s Island RIPA (the Randall’s Island Park Alliance) emailed yesterday that the number of pedestrians and cyclists who visited the park, increased by nearly 140% in recent months! Randall’s Island has served as a respite for all who come to walk, run, and bike along its ten miles of safe,…