Plastic Fantastic

In Harlem’s Art Park Capucine Bourcart has a wall mounted exhibition entitled; Plastic Fantastic. The large, colorful work addresses single-use plastic and how plastic has adversely affected our environment and public spaces. Just think about the bottles, jars, cups, lids, and plastic bags we all use. It’s hard to get your mind around it, but New Yorkers are still using 10 billion single-use plastic bags a year – with little to show for the plastic bag ban that seems to have no teeth whatsoever. 

The exhibition Plastic Fantastic aims to address the bag ban by literally showing them. The exhibition shows features plastic bags collected over the last few years by Bourcart from community residents and neighbors. To create Plastic Fantastic, these bags were photographed and printed on 4’ x 8’ sheets of D-bond, a lightweight and durable plastic material. Afterward, the sheets were cut into smaller squares and rectangles to create a color gradient woven into the grid of the park’s ornamental fence.

In front of the gradient is a glass block structure which perfectly reflects the colorful background. Funding for the installation was provided by the LMCCPuffin Foundation, and Friends of Art Park Alliance. Plastic Fantastic will be on display through June 26, 2022.

Speaking of Art…

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