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  • Affordable Apartments

    Affordable Apartments

    The new building on Park Avenue between 126 and 127th Streets is coming together. The building’s address is 88 East 127th Street and will be a 19-story mixed-use building. Artimus Construction is the developer and 160 residences are set to open with 40 units for residents at 40 to 130 percent of the area median…

  • 118/Park


    Before (1980’s): And now: Um… We all know that Greenpoint is south-east of Harlem, not north…

  • NY+Harlem Railroad

    NY+Harlem Railroad

    The railroad that would head up 4th Avenue – Park Avenue – and eventually become Metro-North, started off at the New York and Harlem Railroad. Looking at the image below of the depot at Park and 26th Street, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is an image of a western frontier town. You almost expect…

  • 1880 Birthplace

    1880 Birthplace

    When Harlem’s identity shifted from village-outside-New-York, to suburb of New York in the late 1800’s, the ethnic makeup of its residents displayed striking patterns. Looking at the map below you immediately notice the blue lines following avenues (more likely to have commercial space below with business owners or employees living above). These blue dots represent…

  • The Harlem Dispensary

    The Harlem Dispensary

    In the early 19th century, a kind of health clinic – the Harlem Dispensary – was located on Fourth (or Park) Avenue between 124th and 125th Streets. You can read more about the make-up of the board who ran this medical facility in what was a rural village well outside the City of New York,…

  • EH in PS1

    EH in PS1

    The current show at MOMA’s PS1 – Greater New York – has a number of Harlem artists/images on display. One particularly great collection is a wall of photos from Hiram Maristany, who filmed the unrest and revolution in East Harlem during the Young Lords Era of 1969-70. Maristany was born in East Harlem and became…

  • The Road to Manhattanville, From Central Park

    The Road to Manhattanville, From Central Park

    Ephemeral New York has a great piece on the history and charm of Manhattanville: The print of activity along the road from Central Park to Manhattanville is great – if for no other reason than it depicts goats hanging out in Harlem: 127th Street Contstruction Artimus, the developers who are building the new commercial+residential on…

  • Kristin Richardson Jordan Represents Harlem

    Kristin Richardson Jordan Represents Harlem

    Kristin Jordan replaces Bill Perkins as Harlem’s New City Council member. New Building Coming to 120/Park YIMBY reports that a new residential tower will be built on a vacant lot at the corner of 120/Park with 57 residences:

  • Mass Transit – 1837

    Mass Transit – 1837

    The New York and Harlem Railroad was the first public streetcar service – mass transit – in New York City. The first line of horse-drawn carriages traveled from Prince Street to the Harlem Bridge on 4th Avenue (Park Avenue), reaching Harlem in 1837. Below is an image of the early depot that serviced the horse-drawn streetcars. Among the…

  • Saint Cecilia’s

    Saint Cecilia’s

    Landmarks East Harlem and the Urban Archive have a great piece on St. Cecilia’s Church on East 106th Street between Park/Lexington: https://www.urbanarchive.org/stories/YXyVct8Ucm7 Here is the church in the 19th Century: By the 1940’s the area had built up (note the white hospital complex on 5th Avenue and Central Park in the distance, above the Metro…

  • Double V Celebration

    Double V Celebration

    The location of this Double V photo intrigued me as it was only labeled as being taken in “Harlem”. The Double V campaign attempted to draw attention to the racism that kept Black Americans unable to work in many (lucrative) industries in the US, while permitting them to risk their lives fighting fascism abroad (in,…

  • Meet Your Mayor

    Meet Your Mayor

    As you likely know, the mayoral race in NYC is almost overwhelmin. To help voters navigate options, THE CITY has created Meet Your Mayor, which shows you how the candidates’ stands fit with how you are seeing the race. Here’s what to do: You answer a few short multiple-choice questions on some of the most pressing matters…