Let’s Work Towards Carbon Neutrality

NYC Accelerator is a free program through the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability committed to restoring NYC and its buildings. The Accelerator team experts work with building representatives to improve building’s energy and water efficiency through building upgrades which create healthier buildings, save owners and residents money on their utility bills, and improve local air quality. 

The program is looking to connect with small, multi-family building owners in Harlem so that NYC can reach its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. We recognize the importance of The Harlem Neighborhood Block Association in Harlem and admire your dedication to your community. We would like to partner with your organization, at no cost to you, to educate building owners and residents in your community how they can improve their buildings utilizing funding from many local and state programs to boost their building’s energy performance while reducing carbon emissions, and ensuring healthier, cleaner air for Harlem residents.

Jazmine Espeut

Community Coordinator

P: 212.656.9198

E: [email protected]

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