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  • 119th Street and 5th Avenue

    119th Street and 5th Avenue

    A great photo from 1992 of Bob’s Newsstand, taken at 5th Avenue and 119th Street. It’s a little hard to see, but Bob is standing to the left of the door. Here is that intersection, today: The black and white photo is taken by Katsu Naito and is featured in a Guardian photo essay: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2023/sep/04/katsu-naito-harlem-1990s-new-york-photo-essay…

  • Black Women Who Write

    Black Women Who Write

    Apply to join Obsidian: A Black Womanist Writers Collective Application deadline: July 31, 2023 OlaRonke Akinmowo, creator and director of the Free Black Women’s Library, invites all New York City–based Black women, femme, and nonbinary established and emerging writers to apply to join Obsidian: A Black Womanist Writers Collective. This one-year commitment (September 2023–September 2024)…

  • Revisiting The 2020 Black Lives Matter Mural

    Revisiting The 2020 Black Lives Matter Mural

    The Next 60 Years for Sylvia’s Restaurant Sylvia’s Restaurant, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in August 2022, is a testament to the values instilled by the founder and matriarch, Sylvia Woods. She cultivated a strong community around her soul food restaurant in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood that has continued to thrive, even after her…

  • Adam Clayton Powell Jr’s Birthday

    Adam Clayton Powell Jr’s Birthday

    An (audio) recording of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. from 1967 titled Keep The Faith, Baby: Harlem Is Home As seen on West 135th Street.

  • Lions’ Den

    Lions’ Den

    It is so good to see the long-running gym in Marcus Garvey Park able to use a shipping container to store gear. The logo on the container looks great, and it’s always good to see people working out in the park. Russwurm School Mural

  • Uptown Grand Central

    Uptown Grand Central

    Wanna talk trash with us? The NYC Department of Sanitation will roll with resources for a community cleanup this Saturday, July 30, from 12-2 p.m. DSNY will bring their van full of brooms, trashcans and trash-pickers — and we’ll have the chance to not only pitch in, but talk trashcans and basket collection with Deputy Speaker Diana Ayala. Plus learn about needle pickup & the…

  • Harlem Grown Garden (West 127th Street)

    Harlem Grown Garden (West 127th Street)

    The Harlem Grown Garden, on West 127th Street is a jewel in the community. It’s got chickens, raised beds, solar power, and a robust community engagement schedule that includes compost drop-offs. And to top it off, the East side of the garden has a fantastic mural for all to see: All The East Harlem Block…

  • Elizabeth Jennings

    Elizabeth Jennings

    On July 16th, 1854 – a young black schoolteacher named Elizabeth Jennings was on her way to the First Colored American Congregational Church. Elizabeth was the church organist, and needed to catch the Third Avenue streetcar. Although slavery had been abolished in New York in 1827, New York City was heavily formally and informally segregated.…

  • Kudos to Metropolitan Hospital

    Kudos to Metropolitan Hospital

    The Metropolitan Hospital – as a part of NYC Health + Hospitals – has announced it will participate in a “Medical Eracism” initiative to eliminate biased, race-based assessments used for decades in hospitals and clinics across the country to influence medical decisions that have been found to negatively impact the quality of care patients of…