Stoop Sale on Sunday

The weekend weather looks amazing. Hope you can come out to the neighborhood-wide stoop sale:

Demolished Church Lot and Trash

Before the pandemic, the brownstone Metropolitan Church at the corner of 126 and Madison was demolished and a fenced-off rubble lot was left. A number of neighbors have complained about dumping and trash build-up on East 126th Street.

If you see trash building up, please contact 311 immediately:

You can also contact the company who should be regularly cleaning the sidewalk:

1975 Management: Matt Frank – 516-369-3095

Metropolitan Church 2.0

The Metropolitan Church (126/Madison) and the parish house were knocked down last year. The church sold part of its parcel of lots to a developer (the larger parcel along East 126th Street and facing Madison Avenue at the corner) but retained 3 lots midblock along Madison (where there had been a vacant lot, and the parish house).

These 3 combined lots are now displaying a rendering of what the new (yet somehow early-70’s brutalism retro) Metropolitan Church may look like.

Note that “Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church” is shown (albeit in a fuzzy reproduction) on the DOB sign:

Many thanks for the tip from Vernon about this new rendering of the Metropolitan Church.


Across from the Metropolitan Church’s site, it’s clear that the new Odyssey House project has fully demolished the former brownstones at 52 and 54 East 126th Street.

Maskless Policing

Nick Garber from has a story this morning that looks at policing, mask wearing, appropriate intervention, and the proliferation of drugs in East Harlem:

Save a Church!

As you likely know, HNBA advocated to save the old original brownstone Metropolitan Church at 126/Madison. There is currently another fight to preserve a different church on Edgecombe Avenue that is under immediate threat.

If you would like to send a letter to Landmarks to preserve this building by including it in a landmarked district, please fill out this form: