Mayor De Blasio to Visit 106 East 126th Street And Tour the New Opioid Injection Site

Tomorrow at 10:00 AM (but you know he’s never on time), Mayor De Blasio will visit the opioid injection site he approved for East Harlem in the waning days of his administration.

Please feel free to join the mayor at the facility and express your thoughts on this new site.

106 East 126th Street.

A Letter to the NYPD and the Mayor

Barbara Askins, the indefatigable head of the 125th Street BID, has written a powerful letter to NYC Police Commissioner Shea and Mayor De Blasio regarding the increasingly intolerable quality of life issues in Harlem.

If you would like to tweet the Mayor:

If you would like to tweet the NYPD Commissioner:

Boot Scraper

A very, very rare 19th (or maybe early 20th) century boot scraper, embedded at the base of brownstone steps.

Its survival is likely because it was embedded in a granite paver that the stoop rose from. No one has replaced the granite (tough work) with a cement base over at least a century.