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  • Harlem’s City Council Candidates’ Forum

    Harlem’s City Council Candidates’ Forum

    Register HERE to attend Harlem’s City Council Candidates’ Forum. The forum will be on Thursday, April 27th at 7:00 PM. The forum is cosponsored by The Greater Harlem Coalition and MMPCIA. (Harlem’s current Councilmember declined to attend.) If you have questions that you’d like the candidates (or one specific candidate) to answer, please write it…

  • Sally’s Special Freedom Bus!

    Sally’s Special Freedom Bus!

    The Schomburg has a great image entitled: Sign for Sally’s Special Freedom Bus, to go to the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom from August 28, 1963 The sign was located in the window of Sally’s Restaurant, in Harlem, and referenced a bus leaving 58 years ago today. Today that location is the site…